FPoliSolutions collaborates with global clients to develop data-driven and methodically-based solutions for complex technical, regulatory, and operational challenges. FPoliSolutions brings to bear deep subject matter expertise, a highly capable toolbox, and a lean operational model.

Safety Analysis Evaluation Models

FPoli possesses tools, methods, and expertise to perform evaluation model development consistent with the US NRC Evaluation Model Development and Assessment (EMDAP) process. Our engineers have participated in the development and successful licensing for safety analysis methods guided by the EMDAP process.

Computer Codes Development and Assessment

FPoli has a vast body of experience in the design, maintenance, and modification of computer codes used for safety analysis, PRA, fuel performance and containment integrity analyses. Our specific areas of expertise include legacy codes such as COBRA-TF, RELAP5-3D, and RELAP5/MOD3, TRANSURANUS and GOTHIC, as well as modern tools under development in National Laboratories such as SAM and parts of the INL MOOSE and NEAMS family.

Uncertainty Methodologies

FPoli engineers are adept in the performance of analyses using best-estimate plus uncertainty methods. We have participated in the development, licensing, application, and continuing research of such methods.

Test Data Analysis

FPoli has vast knowledge and experience in the analysis of legacy and new test data used to assess the fidelity of computer codes and to quantify models bias and uncertainties. We performed simulations of several test programs with a variety of thermal hydraulic and fuel performance codes.

Scaling Analysis

FPoli has a unique domain expertise in the realm of scaling analysis. This discipline includes the resolution of space-time scaling distortions of test facilities in relation to their applicability for simulating similar events in prototypical conditions.

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

FPoli is developing cutting edge dynamic PRA methods with focus on risk-informed licensing basis development for advanced plants and recapture of margin for the operating fleet.


Client Description

Predominant developer of a new mobile advanced nuclear reactor

Project Timeline

1 year

Client Benefit

The customer needed an agile infrastructure to build the safety case for an innovative transportable micro-reactor

Project Description

FPoliSolutions delivered in a very short time a quality-assured analysis conforming to NEI 18-04 Risk-Informed Performance-Based Technology Guidance for Non-Light Water Reactors, a leading model for safety analyses under consideration by the NRC.


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