FPoliSolutions' FPoli-AAP (FPoli Agile Application Platform) is a web-based platform which uses modern data management and simulation management tactics to orchestrate the complete calculation chain; from reference input documents, to plant input parameters, and code assessment against SET and IET workflows, through the creation of the simulation workflows, asynchronous execution, analysis of results, and database processing/storage. FPoli-AAP was specifically architected to be a highly scalable enterprise system. The platform features multi-threading and leverages modern computational capabilities.

Document Management

Screenshot of document management feature

Test Data Archive and Ontology

Screenshot of data ontology feature

Simulations Management

Screenshot of simulation management feature


FPoliDOX is a commercial grade, lightweight, and highly-scalable document management solution with stringent quality control attributes based on NQA-1. Other FPoli-AAP applications share a database with FPoliDOX, allowing for FPoliDOX documents to be relationally linked with simulations and test data.

Access to accurate and reliable test data is essential for engineering organizations, utilities, universities, and government agencies. FPoliDON serves as a centralized and secure single source of truth in which test records can be stored, maintained, qualified, viewed and accessed. FPoliDON unifies disparate data sources including numerical data files, reports, and drawings.

FPoliSIM provides a browser-based web UI for numerical simulations, with generic compatibility and support for nuclear engineering tools such as RELAP5, SAM, BISON, RAVEN, and GRIZZLY. FPoliSIM enables a high degree of automation and organizational collaboration, allowing users to submit simulations from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, receive notifications when complete, and share results, plots, and other visualizations with collaborators.

ADALIX is massively-scalable and configurable platform for specialized condition monitoring and data analytics services for industrial assets. Consisting of a web-based user-interface, SQL database, and customizable analytics services, ADALIX deploys empirical models, first-principles simulations, and machine-learning techniques to monitor asset health, characterize states of performance, and forecast asset behavior over time. ADALIX enables industrial facilities to optimize maintenance costs, equipment reliability, and industrial safety.

Event Modeling Risk Assessment using Linked Diagrams (EMRALD) is a software tool developed at INL for researching the capabilities of dynamic PRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment). EMRALD has been integrated as a service in FPoliAAP to leverage the enterprise system with ability to share data with the other applications in the platform.

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