Nuclear Services

FPoliSolutions’ background stems from a vast experience working in the Nuclear Industry for more than 30 years.

FPoliSolutions remains committed to advancing Nuclear Technology as the most effective carbon-free source of energy. FPoli's leadership understands the specific industry attributes when it comes to safety culture, quality, and regulatory requirements. The team is familiar with the methods and it is trained in its industry practices and processes.

Our team has a unique composition of recognized engineers in the energy sector and talented software developers able to leverage today's pioneering technologies to solve complex engineering problems for our clients by rapidly translating use cases into high-quality impactful solutions.

Key areas of expertise are thermal-hydraulic, fluid-dynamics, numerical methods, physical models for computer simulation, uncertainty methodologies and risk analyses for power plant safety analysis. Other disciplines mastered are techno-economic analyses and optimization of energy systems, predictive maintenance, machine learning and AI to improve nuclear power plant operation flexibility and economics.

Energy Solutions

FPoliSolutions is committed to serving the energy sector by offering effective software enterprise solutions to help our customers in their mission of providing affordable energy for a sustainable future.

FPoliSolutions’ technical leaders are trained in software engineering methods, process, and architecture practices. Every employee at FPoliSolutions has domain knowledge and experience in software coding in more than one language.

Regardless of the marketplace, our customers expect a technical solution that is embodied in some sort of software package that will be integral to their business processes. FPoliSolutions excels at distilling abstract requirements and vision statements to realize your new concepts. We collaboratively optimize processes by designing seamless software products, then develop, test, deploy, and train your organization with the solution.