Meet our team of highly skilled professionals, a multidisciplinary group of engineers, software architects and developers. Building from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, our team has a unique composition of recognized engineers in the energy sector and talented software developers able to leverage today's digital technologies to solve complex engineering problems for our clients by rapidly translating use cases into high quality impactful solutions.

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Cesare Frepoli

Founder and CEO

Dr. Cesare Frepoli is the Founder & CEO of FPoliSolutions. In this role, Dr. Frepoli is responsible for all business and technical operations within the company. Dr. Frepoli's career is based on more than 30 years' experience in the energy sector, primarily in nuclear energy, renewables, and other green technologies. Dr. Frepoli is a recognized international expert in the area of thermal-hydraulic, fluid-dynamics, numerical methods, physical models for computer simulation, and uncertainty methodologies for power plant safety analysis and design and risk analysis. Prior to FPoliSolutions, Dr. Frepoli led various development programs within the industry and authored several publications in the area. Dr. Frepoli is cognizant of the various licensing and regulatory aspects of safety analyses methodologies, operation, and maintenance of nuclear power plants, as well as design certification of new generation nuclear power plants. Dr. Frepoli was the main developer and inventor of key advancements in safety analysis technology for Westinghouse Electric Company. Dr. Frepoli graduated from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) with a M.E. in Nuclear Engineering. He then received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University with a Doctoral Minor in High Performance Computing.

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Jarrett Valeri

Director of Innovations

Mr. Jarrett Valeri is FPoliSolutions' Director of Innovations. He primarily leads teams for FPoli R&D projects with National Laboratories and the DOE, predominately in the Risk-Informed Systems Analysis domain. He also advises the company in the use of analysis tools developed within the labs, explores new technologies, maintains cognizance for analysis tools within the company, and assists in bidding and proposal by providing consultation on tools and analysis methods. Mr. Valeri brings more than 10 years of industry experience in safety analysis with expertise in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, numerical methods, statistical analyses, evaluation model development, probabilistic risk assessment, licensing processes, and nuclear regulatory compliance. Additionally, Mr. Valeri is a very skilled software developer with experience in development, validation, and documentation of software in a variety of environments. Before joining FPoliSolutions, Mr. Valeri served as safety analyst and lead developer of evaluation models for Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Valeri earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and his M.E. in Nuclear Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

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Haley Brown

Business Process Specialist & Ethics Program Director

In her role as a Business Process Specialist & Ethics Program Director at FPoliSolutions, Mrs. Brown provides administrative support for marketing, business development, and internal business processes. She also assists the Operations Manager and CEO with project administration, data analytics, and reporting. Prior to joining FPoliSolutions, Mrs. Brown was an Analyst at a multi-disciplinary wealth management firm where she focused on developing solutions that supported clients in reaching their financial goals. Mrs. Brown provided servicing and relevant research on asset allocation, portfolio analytics, retirement, planning, and core/discretionary planning for high-net-worth clients and prospects. Mrs. Brown has a background in investments, business finance, and accounting and holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Gannon University.

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Chris Gosdin

Modeling and Simulations Team Lead

Mr. Chris Gosdin is a Principal Engineer and is FPoliSolutions' Modeling and Simulations Team Lead. He directs groups for projects that involve modeling and simulations for the company. Mr. Gosdin coordinates the company mentorship and training activities as well as being responsible for the company cybersecurity and data retention. Mr. Gosdin is a domain expert in the use of established codes like RELAP5-3D and COBRA-TF as well as an expert user of new codes such as SAM. Mr. Gosdin is also well-versed in several operating systems and IT infrastructures. Mr. Gosdin is a skilled programmer in Python, MATLAB, Bash, and C++ and lead developer of company and customers toolkits for the automation of code assessment activities. Mr. Gosdin earned a B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering, an Engineering Mechanics Minor, a Graduate Minor in Computational Science and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

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Mike Mankosa

Verification & Validation Team Lead

Mr. Michael Mankosa is a Principal Engineer and is FPoliSolutions' Verification & Validation Team Lead. He leads teams for projects that involve the assessment of thermal-hydraulic codes — used for nuclear power plant safety analyses in the industry — against experimental data. Mr. Mankosa is a domain expert in the use of established codes like RELAP5-3D and COBRA-TF as well as an expert user of new codes such as SAM and BISON. Mr. Mankosa is also knowledgeable of the relevant test programs used in the industry for the qualification of such codes. He is also a Certified Scrum Master and acts as scrum master for various projects in the company. Mr. Mankosa is a skilled programmer in Python, MATLAB, Bash, and C++ and lead developer of company and customer toolkits for the automation of code assessment activities. Mr. Mankosa earned a dual B.S. degree in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering and M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University as well as a Computational Science Minor.

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Timothy Johnson

Staff Software Engineer

Mr. Timothy Johnston is a Staff Software Engineer and is FPoliSolutions' Lead Software Developer. Mr. Johnston is a skilled software engineer in full-stack web development, software application architecture, and software testing. In his role as a Staff Software Engineer at FPoliSolutions, Mr. Johnston works and leads teams in building and improving key features of the FPoliSolutions’ suite of web applications while ensuring that the team stays on top of modern best practices in software design and development. With skills in server-side and client-side technology, Mr. Johnston contributes to all aspects of the company’s software offerings, ranging from writing and testing new backend services with Java and Python to creating a smooth and intuitive user experience with modern UI/UX technologies. Mr. Johnston has previously worked as a Lead Developer at the Bank of New York Mellon, where he focused his efforts on building new features and maintaining existing features of several enterprise-scale applications used by the bank's global user base. He has also spent time as a Product Manager at a small startup building IoT solutions to improve safety and efficiency on construction sites and as a Staff Scientist in a building-science research facility. Mr. Johnston earned a B.S. degree in Meteorology and holds a Certificate of Graduation from the Tech Elevator Full-Stack Software Development Bootcamp in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Tracy Gustafson

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Mrs. Tracy Gustafson is the FPoliSolutions' Office Manager and Bookkeeper. In this role, Mrs. Gustafson provides administrative support in office management, recordkeeping, accounting and bookkeeping, and general administration. She also assists the Business Process Specialist with financial statements, employee benefit management, policy and procedure development and organizational assessments. Prior to joining FPoliSolutions, Mrs. Gustafson was an Assistant Director of Athletics at Penn State New Kensington where she focused on office management including budgeting, purchasing, fundraising for the athletics department as well as coordinating equipment, game day details, and travel accommodations for multiple sports. Mrs. Gustafson has over twenty-five years of accounting experience that originated from working with a small business in construction and home rentals. Mrs. Gustafson was also a trust accountant at BYN Mellon where she focused on global reconciliation and project management. Mrs. Gustafson holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Business Administration from Robert Morris University.

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Matt Norris

Safety Analysis Engineer

Mr. Matt Norris is FPoliSolutions’ Safety Analysis Engineer. Having experience working at Nuclear Power Plants, Mr. Norris has developed a strong safety culture and honed his problem-solving skills, which he now applies to his work at the company. Matt works closely with Chris Gosdin and Mike Mankosa to solve technical problems, develop evaluation models and methods, and create software to validate those methods. His expertise and insights are invaluable in ensuring that FPoliSolutions continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients in the energy industry. Mr. Norris is a dedicated and passionate professional who is committed to furthering his knowledge and skills in his field. Mr. Norris' expertise is with material and equipment reliability of plant systems, structures, and components. He takes pride in helping clients overcome their most complex technical challenges and is always seeking to learn and grow. With his fresh perspective, knowledge of plant systems and enthusiasm, Matt is an excellent addition to the FPoliSolutions team. Mr. Norris earned a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. His coursework focused on nuclear engineering and balance of plant.